We now have our own land. Thankful note on behalf of our dearest father Methodius to Promachos Organisation!

Dear friends of Promachos Orthodox Family,

We now have our own land ,thanks to an angel called Mark, who cleared the remaining  sum to proceed with the purchase of the land and continue with our project of feeding program, and a permanent church. Promachos Orthodox Family is supporting many projects, andempowering many societies in Africa.It has played a big role in supporting our weak and rejected society, and through your  website, its has enabled the people to be aware of this organization, and for sure it has helped to connect people together as one family of Christ, by demonstrating good virtues of generosity and kindness to the less fortunate families, and afflicted,especially our beloved kids here in Africa.  Jesus will say”I was hungry and you didn’t give me food,I was thirsty, and you didn’t give me water to drink,I was sick,and you didn’t came to see me,I was in jail and I was naked,and you didn’t clothe me, and we shall reply to the master,when did we see you,hungry and didn’t give food???”.

When did we see you naked, and didn’t clothe you?And the king will repliy ” whoever you didn’t do to them,you didn’t to God.
Next year I shall invite my bishop to bless the land which is now officially ours.

Through your organization, some well wishers like Petros,sister Sophia, Stamatina, Aristomenis,Vagelis, Despoina,Anna,Pelagia,Maria and other well wishers have  supported this organization and other charity organizations in Africa.

We shall build one new classroom for the kids,then step by step to construct some new permanent toilets and a kitchen,followed by a school and a church, my vision and mission,is to nurture and support the needy and rejected kids,in the society at large. I kindly urge all our well wishers and supporters of Promachos to continue in the same spirit, and let us mobilize our brothers and sisters to unite and give a helping hand to our needy and poor families in Africa. I wish you all the best and a happy new year. Thank you very much for your great contribution and demonstrating love to our neighbours,who call for help and even your prayers.

Eternal gratitude to our brother Mark, from America whose help is invaluable as he donated a huge sum to buy a piece of land for the glory of God. So, the website of Promachos Orthodox Family is connecting even beyond European countries. This is some great achievement and benefit of Promachos organization
You are all welcome to support this organization and God will continue rewarding you more.


Thank you so much for your efforts and undiluted devotion to charity.

Yours in the name of Jesus Christ,

Father Methodius Ndugu


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