Thank you note to Promachos for its missionary work to St Timon’s Church in Kenya

I, Joseph Muthama Ndugu, greet you all in the name of the father,and the son and of the holy spirit, Amen. “Christ is in our midst”,I wish to take this golden chance,to express my gratitude to the “Promachos”organization for your great support, and much generosity towards my feeding program and the needy kids here in Kenya,may God bless you all. through your love and kindness the kids hungry kids now are getting food to eat, and get some gifts,eg clothes,shoes,and books etc.I wish to say thanks for all your mutual support. also I take this opportunity to appreciate and to recognize all the founders of this philanthropic organization in Greece, especially sister Sophia and petros, who have been struggling harder to mobilize the people to support my feeding program,I understand its was not easy for people to respond instantly,but through your efforts and publishing some books, as one way of supporting my project,thanks also for trusting me,with your finance,and resources. may God bless you all, I humbly request you brothers and sisters in Christ to support this Promachos organization, so that it can have the stability and ability to support ,less privilege and poor community here in Africa, also I wish to assure you that all your funds,and donations is directed to the right way,with accountability and transparency, we have been working together with sister Sophia Kioroglou  and Petros,since 2014,and I trust them,and everything is done in a honest way.May God bless you all the supporters and the well wishers of this Promachos organization. I wish to assure you that I will be honest to you, and do what is right, may God help me.

From rev fr methodios Joseph, priest in charge ,of  St Timon Orthodox church in Kenya.+254713062723,email, Joseph muthama 879@gmail com. Thank you so much!

God bless you always.


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