Thank you letter to Promachos by Father Spyridon Tshimanga Tshanyima

Thank you Letter to Promachos

“Ι, father Spyridon, the parish priest of the parish of the Holy Sophia and her three daughters of Kipushi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo , have just the received a present from you, thanks to the interposition of Madam Sofia Kioroglou in our NGO actions works for the social community development foundation Cosmas. Your aid is so indispensable to us and it will always be welcome and for the love of Christ we hope for more, taking into account the projects that we do for the community and we hope and pray to God to bless your works of charity so that it can thrive. Mercy God protect you”

If anyone wants to participate in the project, he can contact Promachos or Father Spyridon at :


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