Let us bid a welcome to a new member of Promachos Orthodox Family

Dear friends of Promachos Orthodox Family,

I am Snr Catechist Julius Papadopoulos.  I serve atArchangel Michael Orthodox community which is newly established in  the interior part of Kenya.. I have managed to have 8 adults and 7 children… All are new to Orthodox faith and so I am teaching them Orthodox catechism…Some of children are orphans and vulnerable from poor families and I am in process to get well wishers help them achieve their goals by providing especially basic needs..I will much appreciate your help. You can donate through Western Union with my name JULIUS KIHARA GICHINGIRI from Kenya

Address 149-20320 kinamba kenya..

Mobile contact +254792597587

facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/julius.kihara.3



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