Father Eliakim from Kenya brings hope to jigger sufferers

I am doing this out of love,” said Father Eliakim. “There are many people around me with jiggers. I am opening ST. ANDREWS ACADEMY IN JANUARY THAT WILL HELP CHILDREN WITH JIGGERS AND OTHERS. WE KINDLY ASK FOR YOUR PRAYERS”

Promachos is standing foursquare behind this undertaking. In that part of Kenya where large numbers of people get severely infected with   Jiggers people are so poor that they cannot afford this medical treatment An estimated 2.6 million Kenyans are infected with jiggers, a flea-like parasite that burrows under the skin. Left untreated, jiggers can lead to all kinds of secondary infections, loss of mobility and even death. Some 1.5 million children cannot go to school because of the scourge. Father Eliakim  has assisted in treating those suffering from the condition, which is linked to poverty and poor hygiene. His project needs our support. Let us not abandon him.

For those having a PAYPAL account, they could donate to: eliakimkunali2015@gmail.com

Western  union is also a cheap and convenient way of sending money:


Surname :KULALI
Country: KENYA
PHONE : – +254 729366395

You could find him on Facebook:


Article by Sofia Kioroglou

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